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CW Club Call History file information

Download all the files in the directory, including sub-directories.
/number and /php hold the number of members and PHP scripts for the "number of days since modification" and "latest club membership number issued" for each club.
Each <clubname>.txt file holds a list of members for each club. Exception - sk.txt holds a non-definitive Silent Key file for cross-reference.
Each <clubname>_header.txt file holds the header data and !! instruction lines (for N1MM).
Each <clubname>_call_history_build.bat file holds script used to build the call history file from the list of members and header data.
Each <clubname>_call_history.txt file holds the finished call history file for each club.

PHP scripts are no longer called by the loading of the web page. Instead, run.php is executed by cron every 15 minutes and the output of each PHP script called from within run.php is stored into each
<clubname>_call_history_days.txt file at /php. When 70 or so PHP scripts were called by loading the web page response time was a little limiting, as was server load (and possibility of somebody deliberately hitting it hard with reloads). SSI is now used to embed all the txt files into the web page.

Search function. Introduced 2019-05-23. This can be called by the Search Engine in your browser. e.g. Vivaldi.
Name: CW Clubs; Nickname: c; URL: http://www.g4bki.com/action.php?name=%s

All batch files are for Windows 7 and Windows 10 Professional, using 'MS-DOS' style commands and options from that era.
Main file builds are made by executing the following sequence:

Run <clubname>_call_history_build.bat for each club after you modify the <clubname>.txt file entry.
Run call_history_build.bat to generate all the data files. clubs_call_history.txt holds the complete Call History file. /number/<clubname>_call_history_lines.txt hold the number of members for each club.

Syntax for files:
# used for comment,
# and #SK used for SK [changing to latter form],
used for temporary change (e.g. Associate membership in FOC, others),
!!Order!! used for Call History order definition.
Blank lines are not used.

This isn't 'rocket science', just careful data entry and data handling......

Callsigns: G4BKI, G4BKI/VP9, VP9KF, 8P9FT, J8/VP9KF, W4/G4BKI, G4BKI/J3, J37KF, V31WJ, F/G4BKI, TK/G4BKI, EI6LC

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